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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Motorola Atrix is 4G(hspa +-  not LTE) phone available for pre-ordre now on ATT. The reason this is the
most awaited product of 2011 - is due the fact that you can dock this phone on dummy laptop(keyboard,screen) and surf the computer using phones dual core cpu - using full firefox browser(which  Motorola complied for Linux - and this browser is designed for keyboard ie not touch - and hence this browser can be used only while docked in laptop).
You can also access native android application using some special app - while the phone is docked - in a small window.


  • laptop docking facility. (8 Hour charging )
  • Dual core 1Ghz cpu
  • GSM Based phone(easy to sell and use globally)
  • Better battery specs(compared to most 2010 android phones- though its likely to be less then iphone) 
  • android 2.3(latest)
  • front and back camera
  • ATT service(could be better in some areas) -  and its 4G bandwidth restrictions for 45$ plan-which included tethering. (Also ATT has poor record in android updates in 2010)
  • Atrix 4G  does not support LTE- hence it is going to be outdated (though ATT will take lots of time to go to LTE)
  • Many people may prefer tethering facility(20$ extra on most carriers) instead  to get the phone connected to their real windows/mac laptop(which will allow VPN etc to office network). This docking facility with dummy laptop -  may not allow many office vpn.  Also while you are surfing in firefox - you may be subjected to 4G bandwidth limitation.
The cost of Atrix during preorder is around 130$ for phone and around 150$ (bestbuy) for laptop dock besides 36$ for activiation fee. There is no need to buy atrix laptop dock - as its bound to get cheaper
as time progresses. Also many people would be satisfied with tethering to a real computer.
The data plan for ATT is 45$(4GB + smartphone tethering). There is also 25$(2GB - no tethering) and 15$ plans.
I would recommend that you should NOT buy laptop dock - till it eventually falls to around 100$. (as
in most cases you would prefer to surf web using hotspot etc on real computer)
Typical accessories:
a) Atrix Screen protector (MUST)
b)  Silicone case (MUST)
c) Laptop dock (no need to buy this)
d)  Multimedia dock - optional 
Check to see how much your old phone will cost.
It will also give you an idea on how much amount you need to pay to resell this phone - if you kept
it in good condition.

Atrix User guide:

You may go back to : for general android tips, usage.

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